[TOOL] Noesis Plugin for previewing MESH files w/ textures


mahakalamoon: Heeey! How named Rosa files from bayo1? I can't find her... Oct 18, 2022 16:41:54 GMT
mahakalamoon: I need rosa model fron first part. Oct 18, 2022 16:42:11 GMT
Creelien: Bayo1 PC does not have Rosa files. Oct 21, 2022 18:32:32 GMT
Creelien: Halloween Event thread updated Oct 23, 2022 20:55:38 GMT
Creelien: Bayonetta 3 modding is in it's early stage Oct 27, 2022 10:13:18 GMT
Creelien: The B3 texture tutorial is not mine and I haven't tried it yet. Don't ask me if you need help because I won't be able to help Oct 29, 2022 14:22:11 GMT *
markpol: Hello, can anyone help me? I would like to add subtitles in Polish in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition steam version. If it's too complicated in its entirety, at least for the movies. Which programs should I use and in which files can I find subtitles? Dec 29, 2022 19:48:11 GMT
ino: does anybody know what this HUD mod for dmc4 is? youtu.be/mrVEmPPHuHg?t=44 Jan 17, 2023 18:29:46 GMT
badmy: Hi. I want to replace Dante cutscene coat texture in DMC3HD . Is there cutscene model? Do I need to extract every cutscene file? Jan 28, 2023 11:05:01 GMT *
arminm74: I need a video tutorial about dmc4se editing mod file and replacing models. can somebody help me ? Feb 25, 2023 21:33:48 GMT
luis: Hola ,no se si estan en proceso pero no vi ningun mod de modificacion del menu del juego y seria bueno tenerlo Apr 27, 2023 8:58:04 GMT
smetana: does anyone know if photo mode from dmc3 works in hd collection?? Apr 30, 2023 16:49:34 GMT
cheburat0rr: No, it's only for the og port May 12, 2023 16:19:00 GMT
theking4ever: does anyone know if DMC2 menu can be modded to widescreen? Jun 6, 2023 19:18:09 GMT
cheburat0rr: Nope Jun 11, 2023 21:44:27 GMT
nergana: Anyone know how to get rid of the annoying blur effect on the DMC2 mod? Jul 4, 2023 4:07:21 GMT
griscasio: burger Aug 14, 2023 8:31:32 GMT
rezezqworxx1: When will the DMC5 Vergil mod be released? Sept 4, 2023 6:55:34 GMT
Creelien: What DMC5 Vergil mod? Sept 5, 2023 19:20:28 GMT *
capr1c0rn75: I downloaded a texture for DMC3. Unpacked it, but there's no TM2 files. Any way to get them so I can play around with them? Oct 1, 2023 17:16:20 GMT
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